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About Pixie

I Believe Color is the Ultimate Self-Expression of Happiness… Trusting my inner artist and making time to paint, what a journey, from the very first wine glasses that were painted on our dining room table.  Two glasses Christmas colors, the other two Hanukkah.  Of the original four pieces, 3 remain with us and a dear friend in Atlanta has one.

Now, fast forward 16 years later.  My journey with Pixieglas has led me here, to clothing, where I always knew my designs would look amazing.  My love of color, both to wear and design, feeds my joy of painting.  Meditating really, immersing another good word.  It is through this practice that I learn to trust myself, live in a joyful place, appreciate all that is, and continue the journey at ITS own pace, not mine.

 All Art You Wear™ designs are original, the process begins, as with any artist, with a blank canvas.  Mine just happens to be glass.  While I don’t always paint with the thought that “oh, this will look great as a scarf”, there are times I feel inspired and want to create a design for my Sheer Wraps, Leggings or Scarves though not every design translates well into each of the three pieces.  I believe the pieces show me what they want to be.

Want a Custom, One-of-a-Kind Item?  Something literally no one else has?   I can easily make this happen for you.  Contact me directly to discuss process and pricing.